Saturday, March 29, 2008

عن نائب البرلمان الهولندى والفيلم المسىء للقرآن اتحدث....

I do not know the person who am writing for,but whatever the person who is reading now please stop all that smuttiness which is represented in that film .the man who wasted his time and his money of slanging arab people by insulting their religion and their book ,is just a reason for a new hostility between two cultures, the idea is not two languages or two civilizations or even between two religions, it is the idea of generalization, the limited point of view which judge the whole religion by individual acts of some mad people, i think that is injustice .I am a muslim arab girl and i refuse all what is happening i cannot accept the smuttiness and i gently ask you acting as a civilized country and prevent more hostility and more hatefulness especially that you can prevent it in its start .I ask you of the name of all peace lover of that world, Please stop this injustice


مواطن مصرى نايم said...

بوست رائع بجد
ربنا يوفقك
تحياتى ليكى

Anonymous said...

شكرا لهذا المنصب رائع. الاعجاب الوقت والجهد وانتم تضعون في بلوق الخاص بك ومعلومات مفصلة التي تقدمها.